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Now the wizard possessed a rather unusual pet. His unusual pet seemed quite ordinary at first glance until it opened its fat lips. Yes, the wizard owned a very special talking goldfish, named Elvis. The talented little fish could sing, play the guitar and dance on his tail. And you guessed it; with a name like Elvis the fish had a deep voice and could sing just like ‘The King.’

Frank and Philip were speechless when they saw Elvis and eagerly waited for him to sing a song. Elvis finally broke out into song and had the boys clapping their hands in delight. The words to his songs were unusual yet almost the same as Elvis ‘The King.’ Now what did that fish sing to the boys that fine day that made them whistle and dance in such a strange way?

Once everyone had settled the wizard looked at the boys rather solemn. He knew no way to change them back to human beings. Well let’s just say he knew of one possible way which he was desperately trying to avoid.

Yes, the secret remedy of a rather powerful magic flower could only be found on a dangerous planet, overrun by evil plant life. A planet consisting of violent snap dragons, potent petunias and cunning coronations. The wizard and the boys stood side by side trembling in their boots, dreading to face The Great Green Planet.


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I was 11 years old and had a couple of years to go before I would reach high school. My sister, Patricia, on the other hand was in her first year of high school. She used to struggle at times with her school work and my mother wasn’t exactly the most patient of people. She managed OK though, but did a lot better with her sport at school.

It must have been a few months into the year when Patricia met up with her first boyfriend. She was 13 years old and she thought that he was simply the greatest. After dating for a while my sister went to visit this boy over a weekend in a town called Vereeniging. My mother was fine with this because my sister had one of her female friends along with her.

Nevertheless Patricia returned home on Sunday night looking distant, and she never spoke a word about her romantic weekend or about anything at all for that matter. None of the people that she was staying with cared to say a word about the weekend either. 

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

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The magic of Green Planet is starting to spread like a wildfire. Colleen enjoyed the story immensely, even more than Avatar. Many people say that Green Planet will become an epic movie as it is so filled with awesome concepts and vivid detail.

Joshua found that he could not put the novel down for a moment, and once he had reached chapter ten he continued reading until he reached the end of chapter twenty nine in one short afternoon. The magic of green planet seemed to revolve around the continuous mystery behind the story. That eagerness one has to hurry along and snatch the ending. The dazzling spectacle, bizarre magic, and crazy creatures.

The excitement continues with the release of Green Planet Under Fire in April 2011 which has exceeded the publishers expectations for a sequel.

Thabo can’t wait for the next instalment of the series and looks forward to a future as a scholar fluent in reading and one that can reach out confidently for a higher education. Ok maybe his success with reading did not all come as a result of reading Green Planet, but let’s just say that the book’s first page gave him that spark of excitement to proceed to the magical journey on the following one.

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Other scholars at Lekgulo High found the book to be just like reading a movie, as they put it. An epic movie filled with wizards, schoolboys, flower fairies, an intensity of magical elements and magical balls.

After a few months the scruffy looking Green Planet novel was then handed to the school principal for examination. The principal beamed with approval as a group of excited school children explained parts of the story to him. The principal calmed the pupils and asked Thabo if he could hold onto the Green Planet novel for a day.

The following afternoon shortly before the lunch time break the school principal called Thabo into his office. To Thabo’s delight the principal told him how he had enjoyed the story, and that he would do everything in his power to allocate Green Planet as part of their English syllabus.

The principal felt that in order to improve the children’s reading ability they should read something of interest to them, something that they would thoroughly enjoy. Rather avoid other serious, more formal books that would only frustrate the children and make them bored.

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A children’s story that is taking South African schools by storm. Thabo Ntuli, a disadvantaged child from Lekgulo High on the East Rand of Johannesburg was captivated by Green Planet and could not put the book down for a moment. He said that although the story was long he found it was very easy to follow and it grabbed his attention from the start. When he read the book the characters in the story came alive to him and seemed to jump right out off the page.

Thabo went on to show his peers at school the colourful book and immediately captured their attention. Over a few months the book had exchanged hands from scholar to scholar. One of the pupils said that it was the first book that he was actually able to read, and after reading page two he was hooked. His English reading skills were very poor and he battled at first, but he found the story so compelling that it helped him continue reading with sheer fascination. After struggling to read Green Planet for several hours he found that his reading ability had improved somewhat and he developed a love for reading for the first time in his life.

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Now that we were living in the Gauteng region, my real father lived in Johannesburg which was very close to where we were staying. I had never seen him before and my eldest sister, Tracy had so many good things to say about him. I was all revved up and excited about finally meeting my real father.

As we all went through to my grandmother’s house I was having mixed feeling about seeing my dad. I mean why did he get rid of us in the first place? I don’t need him in my life. It was only when we got there that things changed, in fact I was quite devastated by the reality of it.

It turned out that my father was a good for nothing freak. It was like reaching deep into a dark closet and dragging out all the old dusty bones one by one. My father suffered with a chronic condition called schizophrenia. He behaved differently to normal people, and I decided to keep a distance from him.

This wasn’t going to make a difference in my life anyway, was my response, so there was really no need to care really. Or was I mistaken?    

“Dreams are but thoughts until their effects be tried.” William Shakespeare

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Now Philip and Frank have been rescued from the evil wizard, Mathias. That is quite a story though, many would consider it unbelievable. Now you could use your imagination and plan your own rescue, or you could quite simply follow the epic Green Planet journey.

The boys stood with Chimzen the good wizard in his quaint looking tree house perched up a tall pepper tree on the outskirts of the woods. They were teleported to the top of the tree by the wizards amazing magical balls. Yes, teleporting is one of the many talents that the Malco trio possess, besides an arsenal of several others.

Chimzen frowned at the boys because they were not looking quite themselves. Yes Mathias has been up to his experimentation and Frank and Philip were no longer creatures of the human kind. The good wizard was pleased to see them safe though. What did that monster do to them?

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