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When I was a boy of about nine years old I soon developed a taste for reading. We never had Sony Playstation or incredible animated adventure movies to watch. I remember some of my favourites were Enid Blyton’s Adventure novels and mystery novels. I even enjoyed The Famous Five and Secret Seven. I used to escape into these stories and loved to take a journey with these characters. Some of the other stories I enjoyed were Bobby Brewster and the extraordinary things that happened to him, as well as Billy Bunter. These were the old classic children’s stories and they all revolved around the unusual and interesting behaviour of school children.

The story I have developed with Green Planet and Green Planet Under Fire also revolves around school children and their ways.

When I was young I would have loved nothing more than to get my hands on a copy of my latest book. It comes highly recommended to all young people and even adults as well. The story is fast, interesting and funny. It brims over with new concepts and entertaining ideas.

Emmaline Sawyer is one of the characters that gets captured by Azor the evil flower fairy on Green Planet. Emma is a compulsive liar and is cleverly taken care of by Azor. For every lie that she tells a new branch or twig would sprout from her body. Emma could not resist the urge to lie and pretty soon she had taken on the form of a colourful bush.

There are several events on Green Planet that occur quite the same as this one which makes the story bizarre and riveting. There is a portal in Chimzen the wizard’s tree house where the characters move between to teleport to Green Planet and back to earth. It is a lovely mixture of a foreign planet combined with the normal day to day events on earth.

If your children love reading I can highly recommend this epic fantasy series for them to enjoy.


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The time has finally arrived for the official release of my epic fantasy adventure book sequel, Green Planet Under Fire. It is a very exciting time for me as an author, knowing that the Green Planet series is going to bring tremendous success.

I have read the first instalment of Green Planet several times and it always manages to take me away to that faraway magical place. It is somewhat strange that my novel can have that effect on me as the author, but it is written with such vivid detail that it immediately pulls me into this incredible place. This land filled with magical flower fairies, wizards, druids, strange plant creatures and magical balls.

Now with the second magical adventure, Green Planet Under fire, the adventure occurs rapidly and the story comes across as clearly as an epic movie. Even for those that don’t enjoy reading as a pastime, this book is an exception; it will grab your attention and keep you riveted from the start.

If you don’t take a chance on it now, you will definitely do so in the near future, so why not be one of the first to experience this fun filled adrenalin pumped adventure of your lifetime.

My epic fantasy novel will appeal to just about anybody, young or old.

Green Planet Under Fire is here….

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The days are counting down before the release of the second book in the Green Planet series. On the 11th of April 2011 Green Planet Under Fire will be hitting the shelves worldwide. This is a very exciting time for me as an author as my dreams become a reality. But what is all the excitement about, who cares about this Green Planet Series anyway? 

Maybe that is something you will need to ask Amy Baird, one of my devout followers. She is twenty one years old and works for a large auditing firm in South Africa. Amy positively nags me for the next instalment of my book. She read Green Planet Under Fire in one evening and demanded to read Green Planet Three the following day. Not to brag about my achievement, but if you receive a fired up response like that you know you are onto something exciting beyond your wildest imagination. 

I have already taken a few snippets from Green Planet Under Fire, but would like to dig a little deeper just to enhance the epic splendour of this adventure.

Imagine four children and a wizard stranded on a foreign planet with colourful forests and unusual green life. An evil flower fairy has infected the forests with her cursed acorn goblins. 

A kind druid named Patroux lives on Green Planet and owns a large house on an open plain, filled with unusual and brilliant specimens of plants. Dragon pod plant, dog ears and lolly-grogs to name a few.  After Green Planet is cursed, Patroux’s greenhouse explodes into an army of killer weeds.

The dog ear plants find some of Patroux’s magic grow sticks and they change from sweet doggy plants to man eating beasts. The peaceful dragon pods erupt into potent fire breathing flowers five times their usual size. Patroux is at his wits end trying to cope with the onslaught against his greenhouse. The story is action packed, very tense, fast moving as well as funny. 

The good wizard Chimzen has three magical balls that possess incredible powers. Each entity has a personality and name of its own. They work together to form a unique triangular laser shield, or they act independently and fire laser beams. They form a shield or a flying hover board. They have countless useful functions. 

Will Chimzen and the four teenagers survive their dangerous ordeal with Green Planet in such a cursed state? Will they survive an attack from Azor’s army of deadly Spincrick spiders, along with her Indian plant tribes, armed with lethal bows and arrows? Are Chimzen’s potent magical balls able to withstand the scourge of evil infecting the land? Will the group be safely guarded, or will things go horribly wrong? 

There are many twists and turns to this story of adventure. Emma a beautiful blonde teenager who does nothing but tell lies throughout the story. She solves the incredible riddle to the great sceptre of magic, which is probably the most powerful sceptre ever known.  An amazing staff compiled of twelve wizard stones. 

The magic staff is snatched by a podgy boy named Robert. He holds it up in the air with trembling hands, shaking under its massive power. Within a split second he revealed his desires to the staff. His heart’s desire was simple at his tender age. An enormous chocolate bridge held together with caramel and condensed milk magically appeared in front of him. How would you like to bite into a large chocolate structure melting in the sun? Wait there is so much more to the story. What else has been done using the great sceptre’s awesome power? 

Then let’s not forget about Chimzen’s magical bird, Kenwood the cryptic cockatiel, an amazing bird capable of answering any question. Now what does that clever bird do to save the day? A creation like that could quite easily get somebody into serious trouble. And what about Elvis the deep voiced singing goldfish, and Squidget the talking squirrel. Then let us not forget to mention: the druid on a flying barstool cruising through the air, this you will have got to read about. 

The adventures and mishaps of all these bizarre characters and creatures are packed into one single story, Green Planet Under Fire. A magical fantasy adventure that will warm you right to the bottom of your big toes. 

The adventure continues with the third magical book in the series, Green Planet and the Doomsday Oil. A completely unique fantasy conquest, coming soon.

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Now the wizard possessed a rather unusual pet. His unusual pet seemed quite ordinary at first glance until it opened its fat lips. Yes, the wizard owned a very special talking goldfish, named Elvis. The talented little fish could sing, play the guitar and dance on his tail. And you guessed it; with a name like Elvis the fish had a deep voice and could sing just like ‘The King.’

Frank and Philip were speechless when they saw Elvis and eagerly waited for him to sing a song. Elvis finally broke out into song and had the boys clapping their hands in delight. The words to his songs were unusual yet almost the same as Elvis ‘The King.’ Now what did that fish sing to the boys that fine day that made them whistle and dance in such a strange way?

Once everyone had settled the wizard looked at the boys rather solemn. He knew no way to change them back to human beings. Well let’s just say he knew of one possible way which he was desperately trying to avoid.

Yes, the secret remedy of a rather powerful magic flower could only be found on a dangerous planet, overrun by evil plant life. A planet consisting of violent snap dragons, potent petunias and cunning coronations. The wizard and the boys stood side by side trembling in their boots, dreading to face The Great Green Planet.

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The magic of Green Planet is starting to spread like a wildfire. Colleen enjoyed the story immensely, even more than Avatar. Many people say that Green Planet will become an epic movie as it is so filled with awesome concepts and vivid detail.

Joshua found that he could not put the novel down for a moment, and once he had reached chapter ten he continued reading until he reached the end of chapter twenty nine in one short afternoon. The magic of green planet seemed to revolve around the continuous mystery behind the story. That eagerness one has to hurry along and snatch the ending. The dazzling spectacle, bizarre magic, and crazy creatures.

The excitement continues with the release of Green Planet Under Fire in April 2011 which has exceeded the publishers expectations for a sequel.

Thabo can’t wait for the next instalment of the series and looks forward to a future as a scholar fluent in reading and one that can reach out confidently for a higher education. Ok maybe his success with reading did not all come as a result of reading Green Planet, but let’s just say that the book’s first page gave him that spark of excitement to proceed to the magical journey on the following one.

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Other scholars at Lekgulo High found the book to be just like reading a movie, as they put it. An epic movie filled with wizards, schoolboys, flower fairies, an intensity of magical elements and magical balls.

After a few months the scruffy looking Green Planet novel was then handed to the school principal for examination. The principal beamed with approval as a group of excited school children explained parts of the story to him. The principal calmed the pupils and asked Thabo if he could hold onto the Green Planet novel for a day.

The following afternoon shortly before the lunch time break the school principal called Thabo into his office. To Thabo’s delight the principal told him how he had enjoyed the story, and that he would do everything in his power to allocate Green Planet as part of their English syllabus.

The principal felt that in order to improve the children’s reading ability they should read something of interest to them, something that they would thoroughly enjoy. Rather avoid other serious, more formal books that would only frustrate the children and make them bored.

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A children’s story that is taking South African schools by storm. Thabo Ntuli, a disadvantaged child from Lekgulo High on the East Rand of Johannesburg was captivated by Green Planet and could not put the book down for a moment. He said that although the story was long he found it was very easy to follow and it grabbed his attention from the start. When he read the book the characters in the story came alive to him and seemed to jump right out off the page.

Thabo went on to show his peers at school the colourful book and immediately captured their attention. Over a few months the book had exchanged hands from scholar to scholar. One of the pupils said that it was the first book that he was actually able to read, and after reading page two he was hooked. His English reading skills were very poor and he battled at first, but he found the story so compelling that it helped him continue reading with sheer fascination. After struggling to read Green Planet for several hours he found that his reading ability had improved somewhat and he developed a love for reading for the first time in his life.

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